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7 Frequently Asked Questions About We-Vibe

You may have heard great things about the revolutionary new sex toy for couples called We-Vibe and interested in buying it, but would like some more info before pulling the trigger on a purchase. So, here are seven of the frequently asked questions about We Vibe products, along with concise answers that will hopefully provide you with the pertinent facts you need to buy one and put your sex life in high gear!

Q. How do you control the We Vibe?

A. You may control the We-Vibe 3 directly by using the push button on the nose of the exterior massage pad, which is the pad with the We-Vibe logo on top, or by using a wireless remote control unit.

Q. Are We-Vibe Products Endorsed by Health Professionals?

A. We-Vibe products are universally approved as effective enablers for healthy sexual relationships. In fact, the We Vibe II is a favourite of relationship therapists, sexual health experts and medical professionals world-wide, including Dr. Laura Berman (as seen on the Dr.

Oz Show and hundreds of others. Not only do they recommend the We Vibe II to a couple looking to enhance their intimacy and sexual satisfaction, but it is also recommended as a fantastic Kegel exerciser for new mums or any woman who wants the various benefits of strengthened Kegel muscles.

Q. How do You Clean a We Vibe Product?

A. To clean your We Vibe, simply wash it with soap and water after each use. Rubbing alcohol or, alternatively, a 10% bleach solution may be used to clean if desired. To avoid battery or motor damage, never boil or microwave your We Vibe products, put them in the dishwasher or use heat higher than normal body temperature on them.

Q. Can the We Vibe be used in the bath, shower, swimming pool or hot tub?

A. The We Vibe is totally waterproof and may submerged and enjoyed in the shower or the bath tub. Swimming pools and hot tubs are a different matter as the chemicals I both, as well as the high temperatures of hot tubs, might damage the motor or battery of a We-Vibe product.

Q. How long will We Vibes last?

A. Generally speaking, the life expectancy of a We-Vibe product is quite extended. Unlike many “throw away” shoddily made sex toys on the market today, We-Vibe products have been designed and made to last for hundreds of charges, providing many happy years of pleasure. They have high quality rechargeable batteries and custom designed, high power vibrating motors with special bearings and gold-plated contacts.

Q. Can you use food products and/or lubricants with We Vibe products?

A. Water based lubricants are recommended. We-Vibe products are encased with 100% medical grade silicone or PC-ABS plastic, so almost anything except silicone lubes will easily wash off with plain old soap and water. As for food products, you can lubricate with food products such as chocolate sauce, whipping cream, and liqueurs, so use your imagination and have fun!

Q. Are We Vibe products safe to use?

A. Every We Vibe product is 100% safe for your body. There are a lot of other products that might contain high levels of lead, phthalates and other toxic materials, but We Vibe products use only the highest quality, safest materials and are encased by 100% medical grade silicone or body-safe PC-ABS plastic. These are the very same materials approved by the strictest laws in the world for toys and food containers used in baby foods and toys that are used in the mouths of babies. All products have been tested by reputable, independent laboratories to ensure that they not only meet but exceed the most stringent health and safety standards.

Hopefully these questions and answers have helped provide you with the information you need to buy a We Vibe product that will take your love life to new heights of ecstasy!

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