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An Adult Dating Story

Melvin was a reasonably attractive guy in his mid thirties who had a boring job, a drab apartment, ho-hum friends and an almost nonexistent sex life.

He wasn’t sure exactly how this had come about. Looking back, he recalled having great fun during his high school and college years….dated a lot of great looking girls and had exciting sex with most of them. Then, after college, Marvin had made a conscious effort to leave off sowing any more wild oats in favor of being mature and responsible by keeping his nose to the grindstone and focusing on getting ahead in his career as an accountant.

In that, at least, he had been successful. He had worked hard and logged in many long hours to scale the corporate ladder until now, at the ripe old age of 36, he had climbed as far as he could go until some senior coworker either retired or kicked the bucket to make a slot for Marvin’s promotion. The thing was, having risen as far as he could and with his head bumping the glass ceiling, Marvin was no longer challenged or the least bit enthusiastic about his job. In fact, it bored him senseless. More and more, as time marched on, Marvin dreaded getting out of bed only to go to work and then come home to another lonely night of watching television by himself.

There had to be a better way, he decided at the end of one particularly long and dreary evening, preparing to go bed by himself, as usual. He might not be movie star handsome with a scintillating wit, but he wasn’t unattractive and could hold up his end of a conversation just fine. He was clean, neat and presentable with no disgusting habits. Surely there were women out there who would be interested in having sex with him! Marvin wasn’t looking for someone to marry. Not right now, anyway, if ever. He had grown up in a miserably unhappy home with two parents who fought like the proverbial cats and dogs, dragging the young Marvin into every argument, until they finally divorced while he was in college. He wished they had called it quits years earlier, maybe he wouldn’t be so soured on matrimony. Marvin supposed if the right woman came along at some point in his life, he would be ready to take that walk down the aisle. But he wasn’t looking for that or even a long term, committed relationship at the moment.

What Marvin wanted was sex, plain and simple. He made up his mind to take action and try to do something toward getting his life—namely his sex life—back on track before he got any older. A friend, another bachelor like himself, had recently talked to Marvin about an adult dating site he had joined and how many sexy women he was meeting and having hot, uninhibited sex with. This sounded like exactly what Marvin had in mind, so he decided to get online and find an adult dating site that very evening.

Feeling better about his life than he had in ages just because he had finally mapped out a plan of action and was taking the first step toward a real sex life….Marvin got online and set about finding an adult dating site.

Meanwhile, on this same night on the other side of town, Marcia was coming to a similar realization.

Marcia was a career oriented woman and at the age of 33, had been on the fast track to success in her line of work as a caterer for quite some time. She had acquired a clientele that appreciated the great cuisine she provided and were willing to pay dearly for it. These were society people who entertained a lot with lavish parties, dinner parties and all sorts of other affairs that provided Marcia with a lot of steady work. Most of them referred their friends, family and acquaintances to her catering firm, as well. After working 20 hour days, 7 days a week for years, Marcia was now at a point in her career that she could afford to hire someone else to work the long evening hours, which set fer free to enjoy a social life of her own.

The problem was—she didn’t have one.

After devoting herself solely to getting ahead in her chosen line of work for so many years, somehow the boat with a social life had sailed and she wasn’t on it. Her old friends had married and many had relocated to distant points on the map. She had been so busy working that she hadn’t replaced any of her disappearing old friends with new friends. So, now here she was….alone, lonely, friendless and last but certainly not least in Marcia’s book—sex starved.

Marcia had had a fairly active sex life all through college. She was one of those females who thoroughly enjoyed sex without worries about how she looked naked or how her sexual performance measured up to other partners of the men she had intimate relations with. She went about the whole thing with gusto and genuine pleasure in the act itself and was always game to try new positions or play spicy sex games or act out fantasies. The men she had dated back then had all seemed quite appreciative of these qualities and most had been eager to spend more time with Marcia. However, as soon as she graduated from college and started attending the prestigious culinary institute where she acquired her chef’s training, Marcia had buckled down and was totally focused on work, work and more work. In short, nothing but work. No time for friends. No time for socializing. No time for sex. After awhile, the men who had been asking her out gave up and moved on. Now, she couldn’t think of even one male she could enjoy a good romp in the hay with.

Marcia studied her reflection in the mirror after her bath one night. She still had a good figure, she mused….breasts full and high, nipped in waist and lush, curving hips. While not a great beauty, she had a glorious mane of raven black, wavy hair and big blue eyes with extravagantly long eyelashes. Those attributes, teamed with a pair of full, pouty lips, should make her acceptable to most males, she decided.

It was ridiculous to waste this perfectly good body and pent up lust, she told herself. Something needed to be done about the situation. She needed to get laid, preferably on a regular basis. Not one to let the grass grow under her feet once she had made up her mind to take action, Marcia turned from the full length mirror and strode purposefully into the bedroom where she sat cross legged on the bed and booted up her trusty laptop.

Marcia was scouting adult dating sites.

From what she had heard, adult dating sites online were the ideal solution for someone in her situation. Her catering business was doing very well, but it wasn’t at a stage where she could consign all of its operation to someone else and stay home to raise a family. This made getting married something that would have to wait because Marcia didn’t want to have a baby and then dump it with a nanny or in day care so she could work. No, marriage wasn’t on her agenda right now. Still, she was a modern lass and saw no reason why her single state should mean she had to keep living like a nun.

Marcia’s foray onto an adult dating site coincided with Marvin’s. Fortuitously, these two people who had so much in common happened to catch each others eye almost immediately. They began chatting and proceeded to live video chat. Within a couple of evenings, they had exchanged enough small talk to know that they wanted to meet in person, so they made a date for the coming weekend and planned to meet at a coffee shop on Saturday night.

Both were nervous as Saturday approached and when the evening arrived, each took extra care with their respective wardrobes. They needn’t have worried. The attraction was mutual, instantaneous and strong. Before either of them had finished a latte, they were eager to get out of the coffee shop and go somewhere they could be alone.

Marvin’s apartment was closer, so they went there. Once inside the front door, they wasted no time in getting naked and without any fanfare, were in bed having sex. Both had been deprived of sexual release for so long that their orgasms were swift and fierce. Having sated their first bout of passion, they settled in for a more leisurely session, this time with Marcia on top.

Marcia, astride Marvin, purred with pleasure as she serviced him. Marvin, too, couldn’t control his deep throated moans and groans of sensual enjoyment in Marcia’s hot, sexy body.

The night passed as they indulged in pleasuring each other over and over.

“I don’t know why I waited so long to have sex,” Marcia commented. “But I won’t ever be so stupid again.”

“I feel the same way,” Marvin said, “All those years of nothing but work, work, work when I could have been having great sex with someone like you.”

Marvin and Marcia decided to stay in touch and although each planned to see other people, vowed to get together for a night of fun and games occasionally and remind each other of what they had missed for so long, so as to make sure neither backslid into a dull life of no sex ever again.

Marvin was glad he had visited an adult dating site and so was Marcia!