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The Wonderful Benefits of Tantric Sex

Have you heard about the wonderful benefits of tantric sex?

What is Tantric Sex?

You might have picked up bits and pieces about tantric sex without having a clear idea as to exactly what it is. If so, here is an explanation of tantric sex:

Tantric sex is also sometimes called “Neotantra” sex. Tantra, a Sanskrit word that literally means “woven together,” comes from the Hindu and Buddhist practices of meditation in which devotees use the sexual union as a metaphor for the weaving together of both physical and spiritual. In other words, the act of sex, specifically tantric sex, weaves one partner to the other and interweaves humanity with the divine. Tantric sex as alluding to the Western form of sexuality is called Tantra and practitioners enjoy a type of slow sexual intercourse. Many couples who try tantric sex discover that it brings about enhanced sensual pleasure while inducing a sense of “dissolving into each other” in a profound and very loving way.

Tantric sex is believed to date back at least 5,000 years and is an ancient Eastern spiritual practice. Much like Zen or the popular yoga, Tantric sex is practised for greater enlightenment, with the philosophy going beyond the bedroom into all the aspects of your life. Sexual intercourse and orgasm, from the Tantric viewpoint, amounts to spiritual awareness at its absolute zenith. Shiva is the male energy and Shakti is the female energy. In tantric sex, these two energies come into a sexual union which is believed to be the ultimate in enlightenment.

Tantric Sex Techniques

There are a variety of exercises and positions designed to enhance the pleasure of tantric sex. That being said, remember that tantric sex is not intended to be training for some sort of sexual Olympics, but rather to improve the focus between you and your partner and to make a strong spiritual and sensual connection while having sex. The slow pace of tantric sex is conducive to much stronger and more powerful sexual feelings. Think of it this way: You can satisfy your hunger in five minutes or less with a fast food burger, but would probably better enjoy a true epicurean gourmet meal with several courses to be eaten slowly, savouring each bite. The fast food burger and the gourmet seven-course meal is basically the difference between slam-bam-thank-you-ma’am sex and tantric sex. Either will serve the purpose of satisfying a need, but the latter is infinitely more pleasurable.

Benefits of Tantric Sex

So, what are the benefits of tantric sex? Among the many benefits as noted above, here are a few more benefits reaped from tantric sex:

  • Stronger orgasms
  • More prolonged orgasms
  • Helps with problems of premature ejaculation
  • Helps with problems of being unable to sustain an erection
  • Strengthens and improves pelvic muscle tone
  • Promotes inner calm and peace
  • Enhances the bond between partners

Tantric sex can open a whole new sexual territory for you and your partner to explore together! Millions of couples around the world have discovered the benefits of tantric sex, so give it a whirl and find out what you’ve been missing!

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