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How Adult Dating Sites Turned Plain Jane into Jungle Jane

Jane Goodnight had been known as Plain Jane since grade school. Not because she was ugly or disgusting in any way, because she wasn’t. She was called Plain Jane because she was just that—plain. Plain, mousy, quiet and shy…..Jane had very little going for her on the surface.

She never had even one date all through high school and the only guy who asked her out in college, a sports jock who was popular and thought really well of himself, admitted that he and his friends had a bet to see who could score with the most virgins that particular month and Jane seemed like a shoo-in as a virgin. He was quite annoyed when Jane refused to put out in an effort to help him put another notch on his belt and win the bet. Not that she valued her virginity all that much. In fact, it was starting to become something of an embarrassment even to herself and she was more than ready to part with it at the first reasonable opportunity. However, sacrificing her virginity so some loud mouthed, pea brained athlete with an inflated opinion of his own worth could win an asinine bet did not strike Jane as a reasonable opportunity.

College behind her, Jane entered into her chosen field as a tax accountant. She worked for a large accounting firm during the first few years after getting her diploma, but then struck out on her own and started her own business.

The years spent at the firm had not been fruitful as far as men were concerned. She had never managed to get a date, much less lose her virginity. The male members of the staff were married and although she knew for a fact that several of them played around with a couple of other coworkers, none had shown the slightest interest in Plain Jane. Nor did she come into contact with the firm’s corporate clients as that was reserved for senior members of the company and not lowly beginners such as herself. After hanging out her shingle and starting her own little business, Jane worked alone and had no coworkers, which scotched any possibility of sexual escapades in that direction. She did deal with her clients directly but to date, the only one that had evinced the slightest interest in getting to know her in a non-professional way was almost 80 and in a wheelchair to boot.

So, the upshot of it was that on her 30th birthday, Jane found herself still a virgin and vowed that another year wouldn’t pass and find her a virgin when she turned 31. Being a logical, intelligent and well informed young woman of the 21st century, Jane was aware that many people turned to online dating sites to find romance. The flea in the ointment with that plan was that Jane wasn’t especially interested in romance for the time being. While she did want to get married and have a family someday, she didn’t want to take that step for a few years yet and preferred to focus on building her business.

Still, she didn’t want to remain celibate in the meantime and was determined to shed her virginity in the very near future! With this in mind, Jane decided that she would be better off trying her luck on an adult dating site rather than a more conventional site that was geared toward helping people meet lifetime partners. In short, all she wanted was sex and lots of it! Jane might still have her virginity intact but that didn’t mean she didn’t have normal sexual desires and urges, because she did. In fact, as much as she thought about sex lately, she decided that she might even be a bit over sexed—or would be if she got the chance, anyway.

Having made up her mind about joining an adult dating site, Jane put her plan into action without further ado and set about finding a likely site that very evening after work.

It only took a little while to locate a great sounding site for adult dating in Australia and New Zealand. After filling out her profile and posting a photo, Jane took a little quiz that would help find matches for her, meaning other adults of the gender she specified as being interested in dating that seemed as though they would have much in common. Jane found some very nice looking males on the site and after reading their profiles, narrowed it down to five for her initial choices as dating and sex material. She instant messaged a couple of them with good results, setting up dates for that coming weekend, and sent email messages to the other three. To her delight, all three men responded promptly and she set up dates to meet each of them, too, during the following week.

Jane mulled the situation over and decided that it was time for a makeover. She was well aware that she was no raving beauty, but she had a nice body and no features that should disgust anyone. She made an appointment at a local beauty salon for a total makeover, including hair, skin, massage, manicure and pedicure….the whole enchilada.

After spending all day Saturday in the salon, Jane emerged poorer but significantly improved! Her mousy brown hair had been given attractive highlights, she had been given a complete facial and expertly made up, she was waxed from one end to the other slick as a whistle and glowing from the massage. Happy with her new look, Jane stopped in a trendy boutique and bought a sexy little black mini dress that showed off her curves and beautiful skin to perfection. This would be the perfect night to finally lose her virginity, she thought as she was driving home.

Her first date was to take place at a local coffee house and bistro that catered to the young and upwardly mobile set. Jane was glad she had sprung for the makeover and new dress when she walked in and saw a room full of Beautiful People. To her amazement, she caught a few appreciative male glances as she walked through the bistro to meet her date, recognizable by his profile photo from the adult dating site.

He seemed quite happy with her looks, she noted with satisfaction, and she was more than happy with his. Now if he didn’t have any repulsive personal habits and wanted to advance their knowledge of each other to the bedroom, she could look forward to being deflowered by her date this evening.

They passed an hour or so in pleasant, inconsequential chatter, then Edward, Jane’s date, leaned over and whispered in her ear. “Jane, I am so turned on. Would you like to go some place we could be alone?”

Jane smiled at him and replied huskily, “I thought you’d never ask.”

They left the bistro and drove to Jane’s house in her car. When they got inside, Jane headed directly for the bedroom. Edward seemed somewhat surprised at her haste, but made no objection. In fact, he was grinning from ear to ear as they reached Jane’s bedroom and she immediately began to disrobe, following suit in short order. In nothing flat they were both naked. Edward’s eyes lit up in appreciation at the sight of Jane’s voluptuous body, something her usual clothing hid. He cupped both hands over her full, rounded breasts and kneaded them gently. Jane moaned in pleasure and placed her own hands over his. “Harder” she instructed him. Edward complied and then removed one of her hands to place it on his engorged member. Jane glanced down and her eyes became round with wonder. He was huge! His maleness was soft but hard as a rock and she suddenly felt apprehensive about going through with her plans to have sex. Wouldn’t it hurt?

But, after lying her down on the bed, Edward’s skillful hands and tongue began to work magic and Jane felt her doubts dissolving into wanton lust. She was breathless and flushed with a delicious tingling sensation below the waist. Edward reared above her and with a swift, hard thrust, entered her. Jane felt a piercing, sharp pain as her virginity was finally lost, but the pain was quickly replaced by a rising tide of desire. Edward, shocked that Jane was a virgin, faltered in his rhythm but Jane wrapped her long, slender legs around him and urged him on. Soon she was overwhelmed by the wonderful feelings aroused by Edward’s stroking and had her first orgasm with a primal scream of pleasure.

Edward was right behind her and they lay back, panting and exhausted from the strenuous bout of sex. “Jane, you are one wild, sexy lady!” Edward exclaimed.

Jane giggled. Yep, that was her—not Plain Jane anymore but Jungle Jane, a wild animal in the bedroom and ready for anything, thanks to the adult dating site!

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