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Are Free Dating Sites Legitimate?

Are you considering joining an online adult dating site but wondering if any of them that claim to be free are for real?

The fact is that some are and some aren’t. That being said, the ones that advertise as providing free services will do as much as they promise. In many cases, to gain access to the “premium” services, even on a free dating site, you must be willing to pay a membership fee. The fee is often nominal and it seems that a lot of members do not begrudge the small charge for the services made available to them.

Some online adult dating sites that advertise themselves as free really are just that—free. Many of these free adult dating sites are giving the paid sites a run for their money!

Here are some tips for choosing a free dating site for adults wisely:

  • A free dating site will not ask you for your credit or debit card info, your Paypal or Google Checkout info, or any other form of payment. Free is free, so why would you be required to submit payment information? You can chalk it down that if a supposedly free dating site requires this payment info, they will be using it.
  • Be very careful to safeguard your confidential information. Some free dating sites are making their money by selling your email address, phone number and more. Dating sites are not alone in this practice, many websites that offer free anything are actually harvesting email addys and phones numbers to sell. Once you join, you are inundated with loads of spam. Ugh. A legitimate free dating site should tell you right there on the site that your info remains confidential. If they don’t say that, hit the back button because you can bet it doesn’t.
  • Use your trusty research friend Google to find and read reviews of the free adult dating site. If it is on the up and up, there should be at least a few reviews floating around out there on the World Wide Web. Reviews are usually written by people who have used a service, so you should get a reasonably unbiased opinion of the site.
    Once you have found a good free dating site for adults, take full advantage of the services provided! These sites are geared toward helping adults hook up with other adults for dating and/or casual sex. Since this is probably what you are looking for, get in on the action by using the free email and chat services, browsing videos and photos of other members and any other features of the adult dating site that will help you in your search for partners to have a good time with!

Legitimate free dating sites for adults do exist and can be your best matchmaker for recreational sex and dating, be it heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual, swingers or whatever tickles your fancy!

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