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How Frankie Found His Fantasy Lover Through Adult Dating

Frankie gazed across the table at his date for the evening. They had been “fixed up” by a well meaning coworker who truly believed that this dull, dry as dust, straight laced woman was Frankie’s ideal match. It was hard to believe that anyone who knew him at all could be such a lousy judge of character or make such an outlandish error about who would be the type of female Frankie would find attractive. Frankie liked having a good time and was seldom caught without a smile on his face. He loved practical jokes of all descriptions, going to parties and just enjoying life to the hilt in general.

By contrast, the mousy woman across the table from him seemed to have been weaned on a dill pickle, so sour was her expression. She hadn’t cracked a smile all evening and pursed her tight little mouth in prim disapproval when Frankie, desperately trying to liven things up a little, had told a slightly off color joke.

This was supposed to be his perfect match? Not by a long shot. Frankie signalled the waiter for the check, thanked his dinner companion politely, if untruthfully, for a pleasant evening and hastily made his escape…..heartily glad that they had agreed to meet at the restaurant and he wouldn’t be required to take her home and endure even another five minutes of her excruciatingly boring presence.

Driving home, Frankie reflected that this evening’s date was no worse than many others he had been on over the years since his divorce. Friends, family, coworkers, even casual acquaintances had paraded one “fixer upper” after another through his bachelor existence in well meant but misguided attempts to get him remarried to his perfect mate. One problem with this plan is that Frankie had no desire to remarry. Ever. Once was enough for him and while he thought marriage was a wonderful institution for those who wanted it, he didn’t want it. Too bad he couldn’t seem to convince everyone of that, he thought ruefully. Then maybe he’d have a shot at getting fixed up with the kind of females he was really interested in: sexy playmates with no strings attached.

Frankie had married while still in college. Swept off his feet by a beautiful coed with a dazzling smile and slightly breathless way of speaking that made everything she said sound faintly naughty, he had learned the truth of that old adage “marry in haste, repent at leisure.”

Because repent he had, in spades. The marriage had lasted ten long, miserable years and had started to sour within the first six months after the nuptials took place. In fact, Frankie had come to realize that he and Joanna, his ex, weren’t even particularly happy on their honeymoon and had bickered frequently whenever they weren’t in bed. Of course, honeymoons being what they are, so much time had been spent in bed having sex that Frankie had been able to downplay the red flags springing up on the horizon of their future together until they had gotten back home and settled in their little love nest; a one bedroom apartment in a seedy part of town.

During the next few years, Frankie had worked like a demon—spurred on by Joanna—to become a partner in the law firm that had accepted him right out of school. Countless hours of overtime, working weekends and giving up vacations entirely had resulted in getting the coveted promotion to partner. Unfortunately, Joanna had still not been satisfied. Although she had never worked, calling herself a full-time homemaker, Joanna cracked the whip of ambition over Frankie’s head like a modern day female version of Simon Legree. Frankie snorted, recalling his ex wife’s title of homemaker she had bestowed upon herself. Homemaker, my foot, he told himself scornfully. The woman didn’t know the meaning of making a real home. That first modest apartment had been replaced with a big, beautiful new house that Joanna pouted and threw tantrums to get until Frankie had caved and built it.

But, except as a status symbol that Joanna believed to be her rightful due, she had no interest in the place. She had hired a pricey decorator to furnish and decorate it. After that, a maid came in to clean, cook and do the laundry, a pool boy tended to the olympic sized swimming pool and a gardener came once a week to tend the lawn and flower gardens. Joanna, herself, did nothing except attend charity events, shop and lunch with her equally worthless friends and carp at Frankie constantly to make even more money.

Early in the marriage, Joanna had discovered that withholding sex could bring Frankie around to her way of thinking faster than anything else. Frankie had very healthy sexual appetites. Maybe, he conceded wryly, a little healthier than the average male—especially one who worked as many hours as he did. Joanna had frequently told him he was oversexed and often referred to him as a sex fiend. So, it didn’t take a high IQ on her part to figure out that sex was her husband’s Achilles heel and that by refusing to have sex with him until he met her demands of one sort or another, she could bend him to her will fairly quickly. It was no sacrifice for his ex, since she didn’t like sex anyway.

This loveless, joyless and basically sexless life finally became more than Frankie was able to go on with and he had filed for divorce shortly after their tenth anniversary.

At the time, he had anticipated wild nights of unbridled passion and plenty of hot sex with warm, willing partners. Instead, he had spent one night after another on dead end dates with women who might have been perfectly nice and wonderful wife material if that was what he had been looking for, which it wasn’t. Frankie was about to throw in the towel when a friend told him about an adult dating site he had been using with great success.

The friend spoke in glowing terms of the various horny hotties he had hooked up with on adult dating sites and gave Frankie the web address of his personal favourite.

That night, Frankie sat down with his laptop and typed in the website address of the adult dating site recommended by his friend. Within a very short while, he had filled out the questionnaire about himself and what he was looking for in a date; and was surfing the amazingly long list of photos of members who fit his criteria. Frankie was excited! This adult dating site definitely seemed promising! He made a date for the coming Saturday night with an attractive blonde named Heidi and looked forward to it eagerly.

Red Hot Pie – Australian Adult Dating SiteWhen Saturday evening rolled around, Frankie arrived a few minutes early at the restaurant where he and Heidi had agreed to meet. He watched the door nervously, having read that sometimes people on adult dating sites posted photos that were not of themselves and turned out to be real dogs. So, he was immensely gratified when a tall, slender blonde with a delicate bone structure and long, wavy hair stood framed in the restaurant doorway, obviously looking around for someone. Frankie stood and smiled and the blonde walked toward him confidently.

“Are you Frankie?” she asked, smiling.

Frankie admitted that yes, he was, and glad of it since he would be her date for the evening, which caused Heidi to smile even more.

Soon they were chatting like old friends and Frankie felt his heart skip a beat when Heidi looked at him squarely and said “So, Frankie, do you want to have sex with me?”

Did he ever? Frankie felt his groin tighten and then swell in reaction to her blatant question. He assured her that yes, he did want to have sex with her very much and without further ado, they left the restaurant and drove straight to Heidi’s place. Once inside, Heidi put on some soft music, dimmed the lights and poured them both a glass of wine. Frankie quickly realized, as Heidi began a slow, sensuous strip tease, that the music was an accompaniment to her undressing for him and acknowledged to himself that it set the stage for what was proving to be a delicious show.

Unable to endure more than a few minutes of this enjoyable torture, Frankie wanted to do more than just look. He wanted to touch. So, he rose from the couch and pulled Heidi to him in a fierce embrace and to his surprise, she sank to the floor; taking him down with her. Neither wanted or needed foreplay, so as soon as they eased themselves down on the plush, thick carpeting, Frankie entered Heidi and began thrusting in deep, rhythmic strokes that caused her to moan with pleasure. Heidi was such a responsive lover, obviously revealing in the act of sex and making no secret of it, that Frankie found himself more turned on than he had ever been in his life. What a difference being with a partner who actually enjoyed sex made! As his orgasm washed over him like a tidal wave, Frankie felt a surge of primal pleasure unlike any he had ever experienced.

This is the way it was supposed to be! He sighed in satisfaction and lay back to rest, fully intending to enjoy Heidi again before long. Thinking of the wasted years with either a lackluster sex life or none at all, Frankie wished he had found adult dating sites sooner.

But better late than never, he decided with a smile and he had a feeling that the best was yet to come with the help of adult dating sites!