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A New Years Resolution for Bob: Adult Dating

Adult dating was Number One on Bob’s list of New Years resolutions. Bob, an average but nice looking accountant in his mid-thirties, decided to sit down and really take stock of his life on December 31st. He would make lists of things he was content with, things he wanted to change, as well as a clear cut road map of how to bring these beneficial changes about.

One of the top things on Bob’s list of things he wanted to change was his sex life. Or rather—his lack of a sex life. Although Bob was far from shy and was able to talk to females as well as the next guy, he simply had very few opportunities for meeting any women that interested him. It wasn’t that his standards were impossibly high. Bob didn’t require a woman to be built like a Barbie doll with the IQ of a rocket scientist. But he did want dates with a high sex drive, open and amenable to trying different sex games and acting out fantasies. Another major requirement is that he didn’t want anyone who was looking for a long term commitment such as marriage or even living together.

At some point on down the road, Bob might think about settling down to just one sexual partner. But he wasn’t ready to limit himself to only one woman for the time being. He had discovered that if he honestly shared this feeling with the women he dated, it was often a show stopper.

So, he had done some research online and talked to some of his more sexually active pals and determined that he needed to join an adult dating site. There were plenty to choose from, so he picked one that had a lot of different activities such as live web cam chat, emails, photos and more; with several thousand members in Australia. Bob was careful to be totally honest when filling out the information for his personal profile. It just made sense to do so because he wanted to find partners who shared his interest in bondage, a little bit of light S & M and some pretty elaborate fantasies. If he wasn’t truthful about what he wanted, what chance would he have of finding it?

After providing all the info for his profile, Bob began browsing the other members to see if any caught his eye. He was pleasantly surprised to discover that there was an abundant selection of attractive females who seemed compatible with what he had in mind. He also noticed that there were all sorts of members on the adult dating site, including:

  • Straight
  • Gay
  • Lesbian
  • Swingers
  • Transgender
  • Bisexual
  • And More

He narrowed his initial selections down to about six likely looking females who sounded as though they would be right down his alley, Bob sent out messages to them and waited for the results. When he got home from work the next evening, Bob eagerly booted up his trusty laptop to check and see if anyone had responded to his messages. To his delight—they all had! All six of the females Bob had contacted had replied and each one sounded fantastic! Bob made dates with all six women and awaited his first adult dating site encounter with much anticipation.

Leah was the first woman Bob dated from the adult dating site. She was a tall, statuesque brunette with a magnificent bosom and beautiful emerald green eyes. They had a quiet dinner in a small, intimate bistro and then Leah cut to the chase, inviting Bob back to her apartment. Once they were inside the front door, Leah asked Bob if he would like to see her “toy collection.” This sounded intriguing to him, so he readily agreed. Leah disappeared toward the back of the apartment and came back in a couple of minutes carrying a large box.

“Look what I’ve got, Bob,” she told him, opening the box to disclose its contents.

Bob’s eyes grew wide. Wow! Leah had a whole box of bondage and S & M goodies such as a braided leather whip, spurs, soft handcuffs and other items that promised infinite pleasure. Bob was ecstatic! Leah allowed him to choose which toys he wanted them to play with first, so he chose the soft handcuffs.

After instructing Bob to remove his clothing, Leah used the soft handcuffs to tie Bob’s hands and feet to each corner of her X-frame table, specially designed for exactly this sex play. Then, she performed an extremely erotic strip tease in front of Bob, which was more than enough stimulation to leave him with a massive erection. Leah leaned over Bob’s face and lightly brushed his lips with her large, firm breasts. She let Bob take one engorged nipple into his mouth at a time and suckle it, but withdrew when his breathing became labored with desire.

Next, she walked her fingertips delicately down Bob’s entire body, stopping when she got to his throbbing manhood. She encircled the base of Bob’s engorged penis with her thumb and forefinger and gave it a gentle squeeze. Bob groaned aloud. He didn’t remember ever being this aroused! Leah was far from through, however. For the next half hour, she teased and tantalized Bob almost beyond the point of endurance. He would have loved to have been able to grab her & satisfy his lust, but of course the handcuffs ruled that out. Bob discovered that the handcuffs and being unable to touch Leah was frustrating but highly erotic.

Finally, Leah was ready to rock and roll herself. Leaving Bob handcuffed, she climbed astride him on the table and lowered herself down onto his erect shaft. Bob almost fainted from the exquisite torture of the entire experience! Before long, they had both achieved massive orgasms and Leah collapsed, spent, on top of Bob.

Finally, after a brief rest, she arose and stood by the X-frame table. “Want to handcuff me now, Bob?” she asked teasingly.

Boy, did he ever!

Soon, Bob was ready for another round and had Leah bound at the wrists and ankles to the table. He grinned. This was going to be a long night and the best he had ever spent up to now!

If the other women he had booked dates with were even half as adventurous and sexy as Leah, Bob’s new year promised to be all he could have hoped for—and more, thanks to adult dating!