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Swingers Clubs – Great Fun for Grown Ups!

If you are a swinger, swingers clubs are the happening place to be for you!

What is a Swinger?

Swingers are adults, usually consisting of a couple although not always, who enjoy having sexual intercourse with other swinging couples or swingers in general. The term “swingers” got its start back in the 1950s. In those days, if you were interested in swinging, you were forced to resort to subterfuge and sneak around, only able to look for other swingers in personal ads that were carefully worded to conceal the true message hidden within.

Nowadays, however, it is a whole new ballgame. Many swingers no longer feel the need to hide or conceal their interest in the swinging lifestyle as it has lost much is its original stigma in these more modern and sexually permissive times. Today, swingers have access to swingers parties and swingers clubs.

What are Swingers Clubs?

Swingers clubs are clubs that have much in common with regular nightclubs, except that they are especially for swingers and those who enjoy the whole swinging sex scene. As a general rule, there is an admittance or cover charge to get into these swingers clubs. Single men are encouraged simply because from the economic standpoint of the club owners, they are a greater source of profit since they must pay a higher admittance charge than a couple. Single females are usually admitted free of charge.

Most people who frequent swingers clubs report a noticeable difference in the number of single males versus single females, with the males being in greater abundance. The reason for this is unclear although it may have something to do with fewer females, especially single females, being into the whole swingers scenario. It may also be that single women aren’t really all that welcome by the married women who are halves of a swinging couple. Maybe these married women don’t feel threatened by their husbands having consensual sex with another married woman but a single female is a horse of a different color, so to speak.

At any rate, you will normally find more couples and single males at swingers clubs than single females.

What Goes On in Swingers Clubs?

Well, that depends. Different swingers clubs have different rules and policies. For instance, some swingers clubs cater to a strictly heterosexual clientele while others have a homosexual only policy. Some swingers clubs accept any combinations of couples or sexual orientation of swingers. If you are considering visiting a few swingers clubs, it would probably be a good idea to check out their rules beforehand.

Some swingers clubs have sexual activity on the spot while others have a policy that swingers must go to their own homes or hotel rooms for sexual intercourse. Again, this depends on the individual club.

Where Can You Find Swingers Clubs?

Swingers clubs may be found in Australia and New Zealand. The best way to go about locating clubs that sound interesting to you is to get online and visit a free adult dating site. Many of these websites that cater to adults will post information about swingers clubs as well as swingers parties.

Many couples or singles who are intrigued and highly interested in swinging might choose to get their feet wet in a swingers club before venturing into uncharted waters of outright swinging.

If you are considering swinging, get online and go to an adult dating site to find out where the swingers clubs close to you may be found.