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An Unexpected Sexual Encounter

Holly was depressed. She had left all of her friends and family on the other side of the world and moved to New Zealand to advance her career as a journalist. Between trying to get unpacked and set up in a new apartment, becoming acclimated to her brand new job and learning her way around a new town with all new territory—-she felt stressed to the max.

Her boyfriend had also been left behind and was now thousands of miles away and past history as far as she was concerned. Holly knew too well that long distance relationships seldom endured and so she had give her ex-boyfriend his walking papers before leaving to take the job that promised much in the way of room for advancement as well as a bigger salary. She had enjoyed her old job, but had climbed about as far as she could go on the corporate ladder there, so she had accepted the job in New Zealand working for a fairly large newspaper and hoped it would be worth the move.

So far, her coworkers weren’t at all the least bit matey. In fact, the ones she had met to date were standoffish and if not hostile….definitely not what she would call friendly, either. Holly wondered if there was some reason why they weren’t making any overtures of friendship, or if they were just like that all the time with every new person that joined the personnel team.

Ditto for her neighbors. She had only met two or three and while they had smiled and said hello, none had introduced themselves or seemed remotely interested in getting to know her better. Having been surrounded by family and friends all of her life, Holly was having a hard time adjusting to the unaccustomed feeling of loneliness. She sincerely hoped that the tide turned soon and brought some friendly people her way!

Now, here she was….all alone on a Saturday night and feeling distinctly sorry for herself as well as bored out of her skull. She decided that she may as well do something productive instead of moping around her apartment, and with that thought she gathered her dirty laundry and headed down to the laundry room in the basement of the apartment building. Once she got all of her laundry going in a couple of the washing machines, she looked around for a magazine or something to read, wishing she had had the foresight to bring along a book for entertainment.

Holly slumped down in an uncomfortable rigid plastic chair and brooded about how her life sucked since moving. She was in such a funk, engrossed in her gloomy thoughts about how bad it was to be bored, lonely and depressed that she never heard the laundry room door open and wasn’t aware that anyone else had come in until she heard someone say “Hi!”

She looked up into a pair of the bluest eyes she’d ever seen in one of the best looking male faces she’d ever had the pleasure of looking at, attached to a total hunk of a body. Fit, muscular with six pack abs, this dude worked out, she thought admiringly.

“Hi,” she replied with a big smile. “I’m Holly from the 4th floor, who are you?”

The hunk smiled back at her. “I’m Rick. Also from the 4th floor,” he replied.

Holly knew she hadn’t seen him until now. She wasn’t likely to forget a man as handsome as this one. She glanced at his left hand. Nope, no ring. Maybe he was like she was—footloose and fancy free. Only one way to find out, she decided.

“So,” she said, cutting right to the heart of the matter, “Why is a great guy like you spending Saturday night doing laundry?”

He laughed. “I might ask you the same thing,” he drawled. “Why is a great girl like you spending Saturday night doing laundry?”

Holly laughed. “I just moved here,” she told him. “I don’t know a soul yet and to tell you the truth about it, I’ve been sitting here feeling really bored and sorry for myself.”

Rick grinned. “Yeah, I’m sort of bummed myself. I’ve recently come out of a 5 year relationship with a woman I thought was going to be my wife.”

“Oh,” Holly commented. “That must be bad. I don’t mean to be nosy, but why did you two break up?”

Rick was silent a moment. “Well…..” he said hesitantly, “We just met but I’ll go ahead and tell you the truth about it. She dumped me because she said I’m oversexed.”

Holly was intrigued! “So,” she said teasingly, “Are you?”

Rick seemed relieved he hadn’t offended her. “I might be,” he confided. “I love sex and lots of it. My ex-fiance complained that I wanted to do it too often.”

“Is there such a thing as too often?” Holly asked, gazing up at Rick as she licked her lips suggestively.

“Not in my book,” Rick answered, “What about yours?”

“Not in my book, either,” Holly told him. “In fact, most of the men I’ve dated didn’t want to have sex often enough to suit me.”

Rick leaned closer to Holly and said, “Would you like to go up to my apartment and read my book?”

“Why waste all that time going to your apartment?” Holly asked him. “What’s wrong with here and now?”

Rick looked surprised, then chuckled. “Not a thing!” he assured her.

Rick scooped Holly up and sat her on a washing machine. She was wearing a sun dress, so he lifted the skirt and, hooking his thumbs into her skimpy panties, slid them down. Holly helped him unbutton and unzip his jeans and gave a murmur of appreciation when his large, erect member came into view.

“Your ex-fiance was crazy!” Holly said. “It would be a crime against nature to let something like that go to waste!”

Rick positioned himself between Holly’s legs and pulled her toward him. Holy gasped as he entered her. It had been too long! She knew she wouldn’t be able to hold back her orgasm for long, especially not the way Rick was taking her with long, even strokes. She arched her back and rose to meet his thrusts. Rick groaned with pleasure.

The rhythmic motion of the washing machine enhanced the sensory experience for both of them. With the washing machine chugging away, gently but firmly agitating, both Holly and Rick soon found themselves lost in a crashing climax just as the washer entered the spin cycle.

“Wow,” Rick said, breathless. “You might just be the girl of my dreams.”

“You’re not so bad yourself, cowboy,” Holly said to him flirtatiously. “How about starting a new chapter in this book upstairs in my apartment as soon as our laundry is done?”

“Sounds like a plan to me,” Rick fervently agreed.

“Well,” said Holly. “I’m sure not bored or lonely anymore!”

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