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How Gwen Got Her Groove Back With Adult Dating Sites

Gwen was a striking brunette with emerald green eyes and a body that brought wolf whistles from construction workers when she walked down the street. She was intelligent and had a great job with good benefits, pleasant coworkers, plus a boss that she admired and respected. Her apartment was tastefully, even luxuriously decorated with every creature comfort and modern convenience a girl could wish for. She had a group of wonderful friends and a steady boyfriend who wanted to marry her that her parents even liked. In short, Gwen seemed to have the world on a string. But, she wasn’t happy.

More and more lately she couldn’t shake a small, niggling feeling of dissatisfaction with her life in general. It was nothing she could really put her finger on, just a vague feeling of something being not quite right. She was experiencing the feeling right now as she sat across from Don, her boyfriend/husband-wannabe who was pressuring her to make a commitment and set a wedding date without any further delay. This was not something Gwen was prepared to do, not yet anyway. Don was nice….stable and secure….exactly the kind of guy that most females would jump at the chance of marrying. But Gwen found him too nice, too stable, too secure. It came to her in a flash of insight, gazing at Don’s nice looking but rather bland face across the table at the Italian restaurant they went to every Tuesday evening like clockwork that what she craved was some excitement.

She wanted some thrills and chills. Something a little bit wild and untamed. She and Don had fallen into a rut that she felt was more appropriate to an old married couple who had been living together for umpteen years instead of a young couple still playing the dating game. They had become so predictable and dull! She thought about their sex life. It, too, had become same-old, same-old. They had sex every Wednesday night and Saturday night and occasionally on Sunday mornings if Don stayed over. She could have predicted their routine from the time Don picked her up at the beginning of the evening right down to getting back to her apartment and going to bed at the end of the evening. It was really hard to work up much excitement for something so darned ho-hum and predictable!

That was when Gwen made the decision to change her life. She wanted to get her groove back, one way or the other.

“Don,” she announced, cutting him off mid-sentence from yet another discussion about their possible nuptials, “I don’t want to marry you. As a matter of fact, I don’t even want to go out with you anymore.” She looked him straight in the eye so that there could be no misunderstanding. “I’m breaking up with you. It’s over.”

Don looked poleaxed. “Wha….what?” he stammered, clearly shocked. “What are you talking about, Gwen?”

Gwen gave a tiny, dismissive shrug. “I don’t think I was ambiguous about it, Don. I’m through with this relationship. Finished. Done.”

She felt badly about hurting Don, but sometimes you had to take care of your self first and put your own needs before someone elses and Gwen felt that this was definitely one of those times. Don would get over it and she simply had to get her life together and start feeling happy and fulfilled instead of experiencing this feeling of wasting her life in a boring, dreary routine that seemed to stretch on into infinity with nothing exciting or thrilling happening to offer a break once in a while from the same old stuff day in and day out.

“Goodbye, Don,” she said firmly. “It’s not you—it’s me.” And with that time honored cliché used by a large majority of those persons who were dumping another person; she left and didn’t turn around to look back.

That evening, Gwen sat down in front of her computer and began searching for some good adult dating sites online. She knew these sites existed and had overheard a couple of girls from the office talking about one just last week. From what she could gather from their conversation, they were both busy dating different men every night and having the time of their lives. Gwen suspected that this was exactly what she needed! She found a couple of likely looking adult dating sites and set out to browse through the available males who were looking for some adult dating with no commitments or talk of marriage and happily ever after, just a good time. Before long, she had discovered several attractive males on the adult dating sites whose profiles sounded appealing to her and wasted no time contacting them.

By the next day after work, Gwen had heard back from all the guys she had emailed and she set up live video chats with a couple of them for that very evening. Gwen was moving pretty fast with her idea about adult dating sites but she was never a girl to let the grass grow under her feet when she had made up her mind on a certain course of action. So, without further ado, she made a date with one of the guys for the very next night.

Gwen took special care with her appearance the next evening as she got ready for her date with Mark, her “date du jour” as she was jokingly calling the guys from the adult dating sites to herself. She wore a sexy little red dress that clung to her generous curves and accented her rounded bottom and large, full breasts. Smiling in anticipation of the date, Gwen applied some lipstick to match the dress and was out the door to meet Mark at the small cocktail bar they had agreed on.

Just as Gwen had gotten her car parked and was about to cross the street to the club, a motorcycle raced past her and pulled into a space at the curb that was too small for a car but fine to park a bike. Her eyes were drawn to the lean, yet muscular physique and confident air of the man alighting from the motorcycle and then, as he removed his helmet with its face shield, she realized with a thrill that the rider was none other than Mark, her date for the evening. She tried to picture Don on a motorcycle and shook her head. No way! This guy was already more exciting than good old Don and they hadn’t even spoken yet!

He recognised her as well and came forward to take her hand. “Gwen?” he inquired, his eyes giving her an obviously approving once-over from head to toe.

“Yes,” she said to him somewhat breathlessly. “I’m Gwen.”

The question of identity being settled, they made their way into the club and found a secluded table in a dimly lit corner where they had a couple of drinks and talked for a while. Gwen found Mark extremely interesting and even better—HOT and sexy! Just the way he looked at her sent shivers down her spine. This was no nice but deadly dull guy like Don. Mark was the original Bad Boy that most women, Gwen included, found irresistible. She hoped there were more like him on the adult dating sites. Their eyes locked in a long, intent look and they rose from the table simultaneously, without the need for words. Both of them were ready to get out of there and go somewhere they could be alone.

Gwen enjoyed an exciting ride to her apartment on the back of Mark’s motorcycle, he having promised to bring her back to her car when they parted company. As they raced down the darkened streets, Gwen gloried in the speed and the rush of the wind blowing through her hair. She felt wild and free and more alive than she had in a very long time—if ever! The warmth of Mark’s body as she held on to him, combined with the vibrations of the mighty machine between her legs, were arousing her to a state of wanton sexual need. Desire coursed through her veins like a fever in her blood. She couldn’t wait to get Mark in her bed!

This was accomplished post haste as soon as they got to Gwen’s apartment and Gwen found herself behaving like a sex starved wild woman as she hastily tore at Mark’s clothing and stripped his underwear down, revealing a massive erection that took her breath away and caused her knees to go weak. Mark was just as hot as Gwen, and soon they were sprawled on Gwen’s bed, exploring each other like a pair of jungle animals in an uninhibited mating ritual. When Mark entered her, Gwen screamed and had an orgasm after only three strokes, so intense was her pleasure. Mark brought Gwen to ecstasy over and over again and after that first time, they had sex off and on for the rest of the night.

Gwen couldn’t help but contrast this mindblowing, almost savage sex with the boring routine she had experienced with Don.

No more Mr. Nice Guys, she promised herself as she bid Mark adieu at her car when dawn was breaking. She couldn’t wait to get back on the adult dating sites again and find more hotties like Mark!

And that is how Gwen got her groove back with the help of adult dating sites! and is now thinking about joing a local swingers club.

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